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Miguelangelo Plastic Surgery Clinic


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Miguelangelo Plastic Surgery Clinic - Overview

Plastic surgery is enjoying a dramatic increase in popularity.People from all walks of life are discovering the many affordable procedures now being offered by modern surgery.The word "plastic" comes from the greek language and means "to mold" or "to gove form"Plastic surgeons seek to cerrect problems associated with time(age),trauma (accidents), and heredity.

The Miguelangelo Plastic Surgery Clinic state-of-the-art surgery suite,their team includes a board certified MD,anesthesiologist,and 24 hours registered nurse.The operating rooms and private recovery room,offer a clean comfortable,convenient, and confidential atmosphere for the recovery of their patients.In addition to the services offered by a escort community,patients will recieve personal attention from Dr. Gonzalez and his international staff.

Specialties at Miguelangelo Plastic Surgery Clinic


  • Number of doctors: 1
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