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Tychy, Poland

LENS-MED - Overview

LENS-MED is a modern medical centre specializing in ophthalmology. The clinic is fully equipped with specialist laboratories, an operating room, and an ophthalmologic consultation room. LENS-MED applies the latest surgical techniques and equipment in carrying out their operations to be able to perform the procedures as a day case, and thus eliminating the need for patients to stay overnight. The team that composes LENS-MED are specialists in eye diseases and certified ophthalmologists.

From start to finish of a patient’s treatment, LENS-MED provides all the services needed: diagnosis, surgical preparations, treatment, and post-operative care. Among the eye diseases the clinic addresses are: cataract, glaucoma, diseases of posterior segments of the eye, vision problems of diabetic patients, diseases of eyelids and others.


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  • Number of doctors: 8
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