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Klinik Hirslanden & Klinik Im Park


Zurich, Switzerland

Klinik Hirslanden & Klinik Im Park - Overview


The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is synonymous with quality and excellence. For over 25 years we have enjoyed an outstanding reputation as one of the leading private healthcare providers worldwide. As the largest private hospital group in Europe, we cover a huge variety of specialist disciplines and deliver the highest standards in medicine and nursing.


Outpatients and inpatients benefit from our high-tech infrastructure and receive treatment in premium facilities with ultra-modern fittings and furnishings. As we know how important a comfortable, calm and carefree environment is for a fast and successful return to health, we take care of all your medical and administrative concerns before, during and after your stay, so that you can concentrate wholly on your recovery.  

Klinik Hirslanden, Zurich

Founded in 1932, Klinik Hirslanden today has 330 beds, 14 operation theaters and 3 delivery rooms. More than 500 accredited doctors and in house physicians with renowned experience and expertise and over 1200 highly trained employees are dedicated to the welfare of every patient.

Klinik Hirslanden in Zurich is one of the most exclusive private hospitals in Switzerland. Klinik Hirslanden is part of a collaborative network of expert specialists and centres of excellence offering patients a wide range of custom tailored treatments as well as the highest professional industry standards of medical and nursing care. The hospital is renowned amongst professional circles for its medical infrastructure and expertise.Comfortable accommodation is sure to make its guests feel at ease and aids in your full rehabilitation.

Klinik Im Park, Zurich

Klinik Im Park has guaranteed medical excellence and high quality professional care for 30 years. Outstanding medical expertise, modern infrastructure, lavish facilities and field leading experts with a focus on individual attention with a personal touch will reassure patients that they are in good hands. The prestigious Klinik Im Park is located on the left bank of Lake Zurich in an attractive and accessible location. The hospital is renowned amongst professional circles for its medical infrastructure and expertise.

Facts and Figures

Klinik Hirslanden: Founded in 1932, Klinik Hirslanden today has 330 beds, 14 operation theatres and 3 delivery rooms. More than 500 accredited doctors and in house physicians with renowned experience and expertise and over 1200 highly trained employees are dedicated to the welfare of every patient. 

Klinik Im Park: Founded in 1986 as AMI, Klinik Im Park has been a member of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group since 1990. The nursing wards have 129 beds with 8 beds for intensive care. Klinik Im Park is constantly investing in the latest state of the art infrastructure, one of the latest renewals being the maternity unit with 2 delivery rooms where over 500 babies are born yearly. The hospital is equipped with 8 operating theatres, including a state of the art hybrid operating theatre, performing around 7,500 operations every year. Besides, the treatment unit offers 3 cardiac catheterisation laboratories and a fully equipped radiology and neuro-radiology centre with 2 MRI and 1 CT. Klinik Im Park has over 600 highly trained employees as well as 300 affiliated doctors and in-house physicians who are dedicated to the first class treatment and care of its patients.

Areas of Specialisation

Klinik Hirslanden and Klinik Im Park cover most medical specialties and share the expertise and experience from 80 institutes and centres of excellence. The main focus lies in cardiology, visceral surgery, neuroscience, orthopaedics, gynaecology and obstetrics. The clinics emergency units are available 24-7.

  • Anaesthesiology/ Pain Therapy
  • Angiology/ Vascular Surgery
  • Surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynaecology/ Obstetrics
  • Hand Surgery
  • Heart and thoracic vascular surgery
  • Infectiology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Oromaxillofacial surgery
  • Nephrology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurology
  • Neuroradiology
  • Oncology/Haematology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedics/ Sports Medicine
  • Ear, nose and throat medicine (ENT)
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Pneumology
  • Radiology
  • Radio-oncology/ Radiotherapy
  • Rheumatology
  • Physical Medicine and rehabilitation
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Urology
  • Visceral surgery

ISO 9001:2008


The professional quality management system (abbreviated to "QM system")was established by the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group in 2008 with the objective of developing a strategic quality management. The QM system ensures process, system and product quality.The standards which are applied are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015.  



The "Business Excellence" model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) is a business model which is based on ISO 9001:2015 certification and supports the "Total Quality Management" approach. EFQM facilitates scrutiny of the entire organisation as it not only covers the processes but also the people and outcomes which are active in the processes. 

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is convinced that EFQM certification makes a sustained contribution to its success. Success is not restricted solely to the achievement of the qualitative and operational objectives – it also encompasses a high level of client and staff satisfaction as well as meeting social responsibilities.


In the medical world, the "International Quality Indicator Project" (IQIP) is one of the most important research projects and procedures for the assessment of the quality of results. The measurements of the indicators are clearly defined. The following main indicators have been measured in all Hirslanden hospitals since 2008:

  • Unplanned Re-hospitalization
  • Unplanned return to the operating theatre
  • Documented falls
  • Mortality
  • Bedsores


Hirslanden International is a specialised team within the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group that focuses exclusively on our international patients. It is your first point of contact for all administrative questions and will organize your stay in consultation with you and your doctor. The team has extensive specialist knowledge and is capable for providing qualified answers to even very complex patient enquiries.

Hirslanden International is the single point of contact for:

  • Patients with international health insurance living abroad or in Switzerland
  • Patients living abroad who are seeking treatment at their own expense
  • Patients living abroad whose treatment costs will be covered by a company, organisation or embassy


  • Transportation services
  • Personal escort available
  • Visa arrangements
  • Electronic medical records
  • Insurance coordination
  • Interpreters available on demand


  • Family members can stay with patient
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Vegetarian food
  • Halal food
  • Special order food


  • Private Rooms
  • Cafeteria/restaurant
  • Recovery facilities
  • Phone in rooms
  • Internet connection
  • Bank/ATM


  • ISO 9001
  • EFQM


  • Arabic
  • English
  • German
  • Russian


  • Doctors have liability insurance
  • Hospitals has liability insurance


  • Number of doctors: 300
  • Year established: 1986
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