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Hair Center Kierach - Overview

Most of the patients who decide to have a hair transplant are men who want to improve their appearance, and all the same – feeling well. Establishing expectations at the very beginning is in the interest of both the patient and the physician. Facilitates the selection of the appropriate surgical method and satisfactory distribution of the collected hair follicles. The main reasons why patients decide to have a hair transplant are: – improved appearance – reducing the feeling of premature aging due to hair loss – improvement in well-being – restoring self-confidence Many men do not admit that baldness is a problem for them and is the cause of negative emotions. 

However, it has an impact on their self-esteem, the way they perceive themselves in society, among friends, family and peers. Premature hair loss can be particularly severe for people who feel young at heart, which in turn leads to feelings of incompatibility with well-being. Another group of men has the feeling that the lack of hair begins to define them. Therefore, the patient and the doctor must jointly select the appropriate method of treatment, meeting the patient’s expectations and giving the doctor the opportunity to meet these expectations. Patients who have unrealistic expectations about the procedure should be presented with real, real possibilities and options. The possibilities are usually limited by the quality of the area from which the hair is taken. If, for example, the area is also thinned, it will be impossible to reproduce dense hair of the scalp. The doctor carrying out the procedure is limited by the potential of the patient’s donor area.

About Dr. Arthur Kierach

Artur Kierach is a doctor who graduated from the School of Medicine at the Medical University in Silesia in 2010. Having completed his residency training, he gained expertise in the minimally invasive method of hair transplantation, the FUE method, from renowned specialists from all over the world. This training involved moving to Oslo (Norway) where he was perfecting his skills under the supervision of highly experienced surgeons. All of the specialists had independently performed a minimum of 1000 hair transplants in their career. Following that, Dr Kierach started cooperating with renowned plastic surgery clinics in Paris, Berlin and Poznań. He carries out about 15 hair transplants monthly utilising the FUE method. Dr Kierach has done hundreds of FUE hair transplants independently. Thanks to the expertise that he gained while working for numerous clinics and the continued medical practice, he can offer the best possible result via the FUE method. Member of the prestigious International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

About Dr. Rafał Kierach, M.D.

Rafał Kierach, M.D. is a renowned gynecologic surgeon contribution to advancement of women’s health and new cosmetic and reconstructive operations for woman genitalia. He has active practices in Poland where he specialized in modern plastic gynecology and cosmetic gynecologic surgery to transform female external genitals to have a more pleasing look

FUE Method

The FUE method, when compared with other methods including the FUT method, is considered the least invasive and leaves no visible traces of transplantation. This is possible due to the fact that the FUE technique involves removing single hair follicle units without using a scalpel or sewing the skin. The process involves removing hair follicles individually with a tool of 0.8-1mm in diameter. Although this method is more laborious and time-consuming, it remains the least invasive with reduced recovery time and less potential for postsurgical complications.

Factors Affecting the Treatment and Its Effects

  • Patient's age
  • Type of Hair Loss
  • Family Baldness
  • Hair Type
  • Past Treatments
  • Health Status of the Patient
  • Financial Concerns

Scalp Mesotherapy

Scalp mesotherapy consists in injecting drugs, regenerative substances and nutrients DIRECTLY in the vicinity of the hair follicle. In needle mesotherapy injection of drugs and regenerative substances in the area subjected to therapy has two types of effects: • First, local application of preparations maximizes their efficiency while reducing load on kidneys and liver as it is the case in oral drug application. • Second, injections cause skin damage thus stimulating it to regeneration and production of substances necessary for this. The preparations used may include ready-made drugs for mesotherapy produced to heal a given problem or healing cocktails being a mixture of drugs, regenerative substances and nutrients selected individually the physician.


Scalp micropigmentation (SMP), also known as trichopigmentation, is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure performed to improve scalp look with the use of skin pigments. SMP allows to imitate a closely shaved scalp and may be incorporated in patient’s natural hair if a thicker hair effect is desired.

Laser Therapy for Hair Reconstruction

Phototherapy and Laser Therapy

Laser treatment of hair loss (phototherapy, LLLT) may be an ideal solution for some patients suffering from female and male type of balding. Laser therapy may be efficient for many men and women who did not notice any effects with the use of alternative treatment methods. A laser cap may be used for laser therapy which is a convenient solution for patients who are not good candidates for a hair transplant.

LLLT for androgenic balding

Men and women suffering from androgenic balding usually have genetic predispositions for this disease. Symptoms mostly include hair thinning in women and balding in men. Finasteride (Propecia, Nezyr) and minoxyle (Rogaine, Loxon, Alopexy) are the most popular methods of treating hair loss but the latest research has shown that laser therapy may be an efficient alternative for some patients with balding problems. This non-invasive procedure consists in stimulating hair growth through exposure of follicles to light.

PDO Threads

PDO threads allows to reconstruct dermis, stimulate blood circulation around follicles to help them grow. For a couple of years this method has been successfully applied to preventing hair loss and treating balding.

Stem Cells

Autological cell transplantation, Regenera Activa, is a specially designed system using autological cell transplant with a series of application in regenerative medicine. During a single session, when a patient is at the same time a donor and recipient of an autological transplant, we are able to stimulate the transplant area with progenitor cells and growth factors sourced from the donor areas.


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  • Year established: 2015
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