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Hospital Nacional


Panama City, Panama

Hospital Nacional - Overview

Hospital Nacional was originally the Clinica Nacional, started out as a small medical facility with only 10 beds, an operating room, a delivery room, and a newborn unit. Clinica Nacional launched in July 1973. The clinic then exclusively specialized in gynaecology and obstetrics services, and became known as Clinica de la Mujer. The clinic has grown to 25 beds in 1980 and moved out of their location to a bigger one. In 1994, it developed to be an advanced medical facility called the Centro Medico Nacional. The hospital housed over 100 specialists. Facilities were further modernized in 1998 and from then inaugurated to be the Hospital Nacional.

Today, Hospital National houses 78 beds distributed in 33 private rooms, 28 semi-private rooms, 5 suites and 3 VIP suites. 9 beds are allotted for adult intensive care patients, and 5 to paediatrics. 30 cribs are available for newborns and 9 incubators stand by. The neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital can accommodate up to 7 newborns simultaneously.

Aside from gynaecology, obstetrics and paediatric services offered, Hospital Nacional can also attend to elective and emergency surgeries in all specialties. Outpatient services are also offered, including laboratory services, therapies and emergency services. A pharmacy is available onsite, as well as a chapel and a cafe.
Hospital Nacional has special services for patients with active and retired statuses in the United States Army, who are within the Tricare Standard, Tricare Prime, and Tricare for Life programs. These patients can avail of both inpatient and outpatient services from Hospital Nacional through the hospital’s International Insurance Department. The hospital offers healthcare services to members of the Department of Veterans Affairs of the United States under the Foreign Medical Program (for conditions that apply to each individual).


  • Private Rooms
  • Cafeteria/restaurant
  • Pharmacy


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese


  • Number of doctors: 160
  • Number of rooms: 33
  • Number of beds: 78
  • Year established: 1973
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