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Pollution Detox



Pollution Detox Package - Book Now!

Whether you live in Bangkok or are visiting from another city (with it’s share of pollution and toxins), this package will give your body the assistance it needs to detoxify the Liver, Blood and Kidneys while boosting your immunity. Full of supplements to promote liver cleansing and boost immunity against bacteria or viruses you may have been exposed to along the way.

Package includes:
1. Assessment by BAAC doctor. 3,000 THB
2. Live blood analysis for parasites and toxins.
3. Laboratory blood tests for liver and kidney function and complete blood count: 4,710 THB
CBC, liver functions, cre, bun, ESR, urine test for heavy metals. (blood test for heavy metals is optional)
4. Heavy metal testing for blood or urine 4,180 THB
5. Intravenous Liver/Kidney Cleansing treatment 6,000 THB
6. Intravenous Ozone Therapy treatment 6,500 THB or Colon Hydrotherapy 5,000
THB depending upon doctor’s findings
Package starts at 18,000 THB

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