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Anadolu Medical Center


Istanbul (Gebze), Turkey

Cardiac surgeons Staff at Anadolu

  • Prof. Haşim Üstünsoy

    Cardiovascular Surgeon

    Dr. Ahmet Hulisi Arslan MD

    Cardiovascular Surgery
    Pediatric Heart Surgery
    Heart Valve Surgery
    Heart By-Pass Surgery

    Dr. Fatma Bahçeci MD

    Adult Cardiac Surgery
    Minimal Invasive Heart Surgery

    Dr. Sibel Ay MD

    Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit
    Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery

    Dr. Ertan Ökmen MD, FESC

    Interventional cardiology
    Transradial coronary angiography and interventions
    Heart failure

    Dr. Gürsel Ateş

    Invasive Cardiology
    Computerized Tomography
    Acute Coronary Syndrome
    Cardiac MR Imaging

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