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Ear Plastic Surgery in Greece

Hospitals, clinics and plastic surgeons in Greece performing Ear Plastic Surgery.

Hygeia Hospital

Hygeia Hospital performs all facial and body surgery procedures, as well as reconstructive surgery in cases of head neck tumors, mastectomy and others areas.


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Ear Plastic Surgery

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SARAFIANOS Private Clinic

SARAFIANOS is an ISO 9001 certified private clinic in Thessaloniki, Greece. Known for its long tradition of high quality health services since 1957, high sense of professionalism, respect for the patient, quality, thoroughness and consistency in the services provided

Listed plastic surgeon:

Dr. Ousantzopoulos Nikos

Head of Plastic Surgery


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Ear Plastic Surgery

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About Ear Plastic Surgery

This information is intended for general information only and should not be considered as medical advice on the part of Any decision on medical treatments, after-care or recovery should be done solely upon proper consultation and advice of a qualified physician.

What is Ear Plastic Surgery?
Ear plastic surgery, also called Cosmetic Ear Surgery, Otoplasty, Pinnaplasty or Ear Pinning, is surgery to correct protruding or large ears and move them to be flatter against the head. The ear plastic surgeon reshapes the cartilage in the ear to reduce the size of the ear or change its position. Ear plastic surgery can also correct over-large ear lobes, shell ear and lop ear.

What are the types of Ear Plastic Surgery?
Ear plastic surgery is carried out in a number of ways. The most common cosmetic ear procedures are:

  • Cartilage cutting: The surgeon makes an incision at the back of the ear and cuts the cartilage away.
  • Cartilage folding: Sometimes the surgeon will remove skin, fold and stitch the ear cartilage instead of cutting the cartilage.

When is Ear Plastic Surgery performed?
Ear plastic surgery can be carried out on children and adults. The ear plastic surgery should be completed once the child has reached the age of five or six, when the ear is fully grown. Adults can also have the procedure if they didn’t receive it as a child.

How long will Ear Plastic Surgery last?
Ear plastic surgery is a permanent way to reshape the ear.

Duration of procedure/surgery : Ear plastic surgery normally takes between 2 and 3 hours.

Days admitted : Cosmetic ear surgery is carried out in an outpatient facility or hospital and adults will not need to stay overnight. A child undergoing ear plastic surgery may stay for 1 night at the hospital.

Anesthesia : Adults undergoing ear plastic surgery usually receive local anesthesia and a sedative. Children may receive general anesthesia.

Recovery : - After ear plastic surgery you will wear a protective bandage which will be removed after a few days. - A lighter bandage or head wrap will be worn at night for the following six weeks and during the day for up to 10 days. - Stitches will be taken out after 1 week. - Adults can return to work and children can go back to school after the first bandage is removed. - Wait 2 weeks to go swimming and 8 weeks until playing active sports.

Risks : Ear plastic surgery is a common and straightforward procedure and the risk of major complications is low. Risks include: - Infection. - Excessive bleeding. - Keloid and hyoertrophic scars (raised or lumpy red scars). - Numbness around the ears. - Need for a second ear surgery procedure.

After care : - Take prescribed medication or over-the-counter painkillers to relieve discomfort after the ear plastic surgery. - Take antibiotics if the surgeon advises it, to prevent infection. - Don’t scratch under the bandage and keep it dry – you can shower after the first bandage has been removed.

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