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Dental clinics in Izmir

Dental clinics in Izmir, Turkey, medical centers in Izmir, Turkey offering dental care - dentists profiles, pictures, and prices.
Dental clinics in Turkey
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Gozde International Hospitals

Gozde International Hospitals is a strong health group, that continues to serve with 5 hospitals and 1 surgical medical center in total in Malatya, Adiyaman and Izmir.

Available dental services:

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Medlife Group

We are a group of creative minds motivated by the happiness and satisfaction of our patients. Our people, with their talent, creativity, passion and dedication have made Medlife Group what it is today and they will continue to be a key driver of our success.

3 listed dentists:

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Dr. Duran Odabaşıoğlu

Aesthetics Dental Care

Available dental services:

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Procedure Prices

Implant (Implance)

350 US$

Implant (Nobel)

770 US$

Implant (NTA)

450 US$


65 US$

16 zirconium crowns

3,800 US$

20 zirconium crowns

4,200 US$

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