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Dental clinics in Caloocan City

Dental clinics in Caloocan City, Philippines, medical centers in Caloocan City, Philippines offering dental care - dentists profiles, pictures, and prices.
Dental clinics in Philippines
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The Sacred Heart Dental Clinic

This dental care clinic located in Caloocan, Manila provides a wide array of dental services specializing in cosmetic dentistry. Locals and medical tourists from different parts of the world come in to have their dental service or any other dental treatments done.

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Available dental services:

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Procedure Prices

Partial denture with metal frame (per denture)

180 US$

Partial denture without metal frame (per denture) flipper

120 US$

Porcelain crown with gold inserts (per crown)

350 US$

Porcelain crown with semi precious metal inserts (per crown)

280 US$

Porcelain Inlay/Onlay (per tooth) All porcelain

250 US$

Porcelain Veneer Laminates (per tooth) All porcelain

250 US$

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