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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Phuket

Hospitals, clinics and doctors in Phuket, Thailand who specialize in plastic and cosmetic surgery.
Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Thailand
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Phuket International Hospital

Phuket International Aesthetic Center (PIAC) is a partnership bringing together some of Thailand’s leading Plastic Surgeons and Phuket International Hospital - one of Phuket’s largest private hospital’s.

3 listed plastic surgeons:

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Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn

Transsexual Surgery, Gender Reassignment Surgery, Breast Surgery.

Dr. Veerawat Tirananmongkol

Facial Surgery, Breast Surgery, Body Contouring.

Available plastic surgery procedures:

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Procedure Prices

Breast lift

3,400 US$

Breast lift with Implant

4,600 US$

Four lids plasty

1,550 US$

Lower blepharoplasty

800 US$

Upper blepharoplasty

800 US$

Face Lift

4,300 US$

Wattana International Clinic

The Wattana Clinic was established in 1987 at the Patong Beach and became the first local clinic to have served over 5,000 local resident and tourist patients.

Available plastic surgery procedures:

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Dr. V Cosmetic Surgical Rejuvenation

Being one of the few aesthetic centres in Phuket, Dr. V. Cosmetic offers a full range of facial and body care treatments specifically intended to combat aging and promote rejuvenation. The centre serves international and local patients.

Listed plastic surgeon:

Dr. Veerawat Tirananmongkol, M.D

Facial surgery, Breast surgery, Body contouring

Available plastic surgery procedures:

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Procedure Prices

Breast Augmentation

3,000 - 4,000 US$

Breast lift Plus Augmentation

5,200 - 6,300 US$

Breast lift

4,600 - 5,400 US$

Brow lift

1,150 US$

Lower eyelid surgery

800 US$

Upper and Lower eyelid surgery

1,550 US$

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