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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Heidelberg

Hospitals, clinics and doctors in Heidelberg, Germany who specialize in plastic and cosmetic surgery.
Cosmetic Surgery in Germany
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Proaesthetic Heidelberg

In the Heidelberg clinic for plastic surgery, quality standards are not an empty phrase. In addition to all the expertise, our focus is on the patient. We want you to feel «treated well» in the truest sense of the word, from the first consultation until the last final examination.

6 listed plastic surgeons:

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Dr. Arif Altinay

Medical Director / Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist

Reiner Uebing

Managing Director

Available plastic surgery procedures:

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Procedure Prices

Breast Augmentation

7,800 US$

Breast Lift

7,800 US$

Eyelid Surgery

2,850 US$


4,200 US$


3,400 US$


5,400 US$

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