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Aesthetics Clinics in Yucatan

Clinics in Yucatan, Mexico offering aesthetic procedures such as botox, laser hair removal, chemical peel etc.
Aesthetics Clinics in Mexico
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Dr. Ramon Javier Navarro Ceballos

Dr. Navarro specializes in Aesthetic Reconstructive Surgery of the face, neck, ears, nose, buttocks, belly, breast, arms and hair restoration. Dr. Navarro has been professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Yucatan.

Listed aesthetic specialist:

Dr. Ramon Navarro, MD

Plastic Surgeon

Available aesthetic treatments:

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Procedure Prices

Laser hair removeal - Chest

600 - 800 US$

Laser hair removeal - Legs

800 - 1,000 US$

Laser hair removeal - Shoulders

300 - 800 US$

Laser hair removeal - Stomach

500 - 800 US$

Laser hair removeal - Upper lip

400 - 800 US$

Mole Removal

500 - 1,000 US$

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