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Aesthetics Clinics in Sao Paulo

Clinics in Sao Paulo, Brazil offering aesthetic procedures such as botox, laser hair removal, chemical peel etc.

Non-surgical aesthetic procedures is one of the world's fastest growing medical industries. These treatments, such as botox, microdermabrasion and laser hair removal are so popular because they generate fantastic results without the need for surgery. The benefits of these procedures go far beyond simple aesthetic adjustments: they have been shown to improve an individual's psychological wellbeing and quality of life.

Brazil is one of the top world's top destinations for these procedures. Consequently, some of the world's finest hospitals and clinics that offer these procedures can be found across Brazil, from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and Recife. You can contact these fantastic facilities via the links below.

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Hospital Sao Rafael

The Hospital São Rafael situated at Sao Paulo, Brazil. They keeps the quality standard in its team and structure to take better care of its patients, amongst the specialties they are offering.

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