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Guven Hospital


Ankara, Turkey

Dr. Fatih Yalcin

Dr. Fatih Yalcin

ENT Specialist
at Guven Hospital
Speciality Ear Nose Throat Head and Neck Surgery
Languages English, Turkish
About He has experıence in Functional Endoscopıc Sınus Surgery (Endoscopıc Dacryosystorınostomy), maıntaınly as Autologıc Surgery.
Education School Of Medicine, Ankara University, 1987
Professional Experience 1987-1988: Giresun Central Practıce Medıcıne
1988-1992: Specialization Education In Ankara Numune Hospital ENT
1 Year Manisa Alasehir ENT Expertise
Clinical Follow-Up on Stapes and Middle Ear Surgery in J B Causse Clinic France in 2001
1992-2004: Ankara Sample Hospital Head Assistant

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