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Evaluacion Antiedad


Mexico City, Mexico

Dr. Esther Ovin

Dr. Esther Ovin

Directora medica de Evaluacion Antiedad
at Evaluacion Antiedad
Speciality Stem Cell Theraphy
Languages English, Spanish
About Co-author on a book concerning the pain: "Study and Treatment of Pain in Clinical Practice." Coordinated by Dr. Sara Bistre, former president of the AMETD
Education Medical training at American British Cowdray Hospital in Mexico city, 1986
Professional Experience Directora medica de Evaluacion Antiedad

Professor of histology in the faculty of physical medicine and rehabilitation Hospital American British Cowdray, Mexico city, 1986

Surgeon and General Physician Universidad La Salle, 1987

Associated research at CEDOPEC for diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases, 2008

Ethical Issues in Clinical Research International, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston Ma, 2001

Medical Gerontology , UNAM Mexico city, 2010

Bio-senesencia, American Institute of Professional Scientists-UNAM Mexico city, 2012
Memberships Member of the Mexican College of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, AC.

Member of the Mexican Asoc Gerontological Geriatrics A.C.

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