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Hygeia Hospital


Athens, Greece

Dr. Kanagkinis Themistoklis

Dr. Kanagkinis Themistoklis

Hygeia Hospital
Speciality Diagnostic and interventional endoscopy of the digestive tract
Languages English, Greek
Education • Graduate School of Medicine, University of Athens

• Marketing PhD School of Medicine University of Athens titled The pathogenesis of iron deficiency anemia after gastrectomy "
Professional Experience • Lecturer of Pathology, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens ("unanimously"), 1972

• Assistant Professor of Pathology, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1982

• Associate Professor of Gastroenterology, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1991

- Member of the Editorial Board: "Hospital Chronicles" (Hospital "Evangelismos"), "Archives of Medical Society of Athens" and "Annals of Gasrtoenterology", and the Editor of Magazine Greek Gastroenterological Association

• Clinical and Research Fellow, Hospital of London: Hammersmith Postgraduate Medical School & Central Middlesex & St Mark's Hospital, Great Britain, 1958-1963

• Research Fellow, curator and lecturer, Department of Medicine, University of Athens, Second Propaedeutics, 1963-1977

• Director, "Evangelismos" Hospital, Department of Gastroenterology,

• Associate Professor, Director and Founder, Hospital "Sotiria", Gastroenterology Section III Medical Department, University of Athens, 1991-1998

• Fellow, D.TH.K.A. "HEALTH", Gastroenterology and Endoscopy since 1986

• President of the Greek Society of Gastroenterology

• Vice Chairman S. Greek Institute for Biological Research "A.Flemingk"-Board of Directors Vice-Mariolopoulos Kanaginis Foundation "Infection Study Atmospheric"

• Member of the Committee of the Ministry of Social Services for a specialty Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology

• Member of the Committee of Scholarships establishing quality control of health services in the public and private sector

• Member of first committee, after the dictatorship, the Ministry of Education to reform the legal framework of SA I.

• Member of the Committee Y.K.Y. for the training of doctors in the European Union and the Commission not to biomedical research

• 1972: Eisenhower Fellow for Greece.
Memberships Greek Society of Gastroenterology

British Society of Gastroenterology

American Gastroenterological Association

EASL (Pan Company Hepatology)

ASNEGME (Pan Gastrentologias Company)

EASME (Pan-European Society of Medical Education)

NY Academy of Science

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