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Hygeia Hospital


Athens, Greece

Dr. Kazanas Savvas

Dr. Kazanas Savvas

Hygeia Hospital
Speciality Endoscopic Surgery in diseases of the nose, paranasal and skull base, for sinusitis, nasal polyps, tumors of the region
Languages English, Greek
Education - Graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

- Holder of a PhD entitled "Endoscopic Study of Surgical Anatomy of the ethmoid labyrinth."

- Doctor of the University of Athens.
Professional Experience - Reservist Lieutenant Doctor, 251 General Hospital, Lefkada, 1983-1985

- Rural Doctor, Rapsani Larissa, 1985-1986

- Specialization in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the Hospital "Sotiria". 1986-1991

- Expertise in functional endoscopic sinus microsurgery and surgical Laser. HNO Klinik Köln University, Germany. Professor: W.Thumfart, J.Stenert. 10-11/1990

- Expertise in surgery with Laser. ENT Clinic of Erasmus University. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Professor: Kneht. 12/1990

- Consultant in ENT Clinic of the University of Bristol in England. Ear, Nose & Throat Department, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol University. U.K. 1991-1994

- Expertise on developments in microsurgery of the frontal sinus and skull base. HNO Klinic, Fulda University, Germany. Professor: W.Draf. 7-8/2007

- Consultant in ENT Clinic "Medical Center." Prof. G.Dokianakis. 1995

- From 1995 until now a permanent partner in the "HEALTH"

• Since 1994, effort dissemination, promotion and training of otolaryngologists in the learning process of Endoscopic Microsurgery of the nose and paranasal by organizing specialized training courses.

• Organisation of scientific conferences on topics of interest Rhinology, culminating in the Pan and Rhinology World Congress 2008 in Crete.

• Founding member of Otolaryngologic Research Society (UK), 1992

• Founding member of the Greek Rinologikis Company (1996) and for 12 years a member of the Board

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