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Hygeia Hospital


Athens, Greece

Dr. Efthimiadis Roxani

Dr. Efthimiadis Roxani

Head of the PET-CT
at Hygeia Hospital
Speciality Radiology
Languages German, Greek
Education • Graduate School of Medicine, University of Athens

• Ph.D., University of Athens, thesis topic ("Contribution of high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) in diagnosis of pulmonary lesions access caused by kollagonoseis and comparison of HRCT findings with laboratory markers.)
Professional Experience • Further Education-Specialization: surveillance operations department PET-CT in Essen, West Germany, May 2002

• Paid medical radiologists, D.TH.K.A. Health, Department of CT, MRI and PET-CT, from 06/04/1996

• Radiologist Assistant, Clinic "Blue Cross", Department of CT and MRI, 2004-2011

• PET-CT, Chest, Heart, Interventional Radiology

• Chairman of the Scientific Association of Physicians 'Health' from 03/03/2009-27/03/2011.

• 2o hung Award Announcement: The role of PET / CT in restaging of Colorectal Cancer ". 14th United European Gastrenterology Week. Berlin, Germany, 21-25/10/200 (. Efthimiadou R, Roussakis A, Gogou L, Pagou M, Laspas F, Malamitsi J, Andreou J).
Memberships - Greek Radiological Society

- EMPAKAN (company Study Risk Factors for Vascular Diseases)

- European Society of Radiology

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