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Hygeia Hospital


Athens, Greece

Dr. John Daniilidis

Dr. John Daniilidis

Director of First Clinical Gastroenterology
at Hygeia Hospital
Speciality Kinetic digestive disorders
Languages English, Greek
Education • Graduate School of Medicine, University of Athens

• Marketing PhD School of Medicine University of Athens entitled "Determination of characteristics of the mission of the esophageal muscle by the method of oisof. Manometry and effects of acute hypercalcemia," March 1978

• Honors graduate of University of Athens
Professional Experience • Assistant Professor at Texas State University

• Fellow, Honorary Assistant Professor, University of Ioannina

• Founding member of European Gastroenterology Board

• Research Associate, National Organization

• Member of the Committee on National Formulary

• Very active as a lecturer in lifelong education of physicians Gastroenterologists and other specialties with over 200 formal speech, coordination roundtables etc.
Member Companies, Magazine Editorial Board

• Complete specialty Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology in the U.S.

• Consultant Gastroenterology State University, Texas, USA & Lab gastrointestinal motility

• Curator of Greek Red Cross Hospital and concurrently head of the newly established laboratory gastrointestinal motility Hippokration Hospital, Athens

• Clinical Research Associate University of Ioannina

• Director, D.TH.K.A. "HEALTH", A Clinical Gastroenterology

• Board Member of the Greek Society of Gastroenterology, involving the organization of several conferences

• Medal of the Greek Society of Gastroenterology, 1994

• Fellow American College of Physicians, elected in 1987

• Honorary Diploma of the Medical Society of Limassol, Cyprus, 1981

• Scholarship Foundation Scholarship, throughout the duration of studies at the Medical School of Athens
Certifications • Diplomate American Board in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology
Memberships Greek Society of Gastroenterology.

Endoscopy department of Gastroenterology Association.

American College of Physicians (Fellow).

American Gastroenterology Association.

American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

European Crohn's and Colitis Association.
Awards • Distinguished Clinician award (Award for Distinguished clinician) - Private training class for 2011. This award is conferred by the American Society of Gastroenterology annually to a member for the first time outside the U.S.

• Representative of Greece to the UEMS for many years. President for many years, the Committee of Residents exchanges European Gastroenterology Board

• 1st Prize for Oral Presentation at the 23rd National Congress of Gastroenterology (along with other colleagues HEALTH)

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