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Hygeia Hospital


Athens, Greece

Dr. Giannakakis Sotirios

Dr. Giannakakis Sotirios

Hygeia Hospital
Speciality Vascular Surgery
Languages German, Greek
Education • Graduate School of Medicine, Democritus University of Thrace

• Marketing PhD School of Medicine University of Athens entitled "Functional disorders of the thoracic aorta in cardiac hypertrophy"
Professional Experience • Doctor of Medicine Faculty of the University of Athens

- Member of the Editorial Board: Active member of the Editorial Board of the Journal "Greek vascular"

• Rural surgery, KY. Tinos, 1993-1994

• Specificity of Vascular Surgery, N.N.TH.A. "Salvation", C Surgical University Clinic, 1994-2002 (Director: Prof. M.Sechas)

• Further training and paid work in curatorial position, Hospital "Nurnbergud", Nuremberg, Germany, Vascular Surgery, 2003-2004 (during: D.Raithel)

• Freelance Vascular Surgeon from 01/01/2004

• Associate - physician, D.TH.K.A. "HEALTH" since 2005
Memberships European Society for Vascular Surgery.

Society for Vascular Greek.

Greek angeological Company.

Greek Surgical Society.
Awards • Award for best poster, "Alterations of the ischaemic contracture in acute and chronic hyperthyroidism", 2nd International Meeting of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre, 2000

• Award for best poster, "Propranolol diminishes the development of cardiac hypertrophy but does not change the response of the hyperthyroid heart to ischaemia", 2nd International Meeting of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre, 2000

• Prize for Best Poster (Poster), "Disorders of the functionality of the thoracic aorta with hyperthyroid rat", 5th National Conference
Vascular - Vascular, 23-25 ​​January 1998

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