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Hygeia Hospital


Athens, Greece

Dr. John Andreou

Dr. John Andreou

Hygeia Hospital
Speciality Radiology
Languages English, Greek
Graduated 1973 (45 years since graduation)
Education Medical School, 1967-1973.

Ph.D., University of Athens, 1983, Department of Radiology, Hospital Areteio.
Professional Experience Title Specialist Radiology - Radiology, 1978

University assistant Areteio Hospital, 1979

Fellowship at New York University, 1980 - 1983

Lecturer, University of Athens, 1984, Department of Radiology, Hospital Areteio.

Lecturer, University of Athens, 1984, Department of Radiology, Hospital Areteio.

Visiting Professor of Radiology course in Nursing at the University of Athens.

- Military service: Navy Ensign Assistant in A Medicine of NSW (Naval Nosok.Athinon) 1974-1977.

- Rural Service 1978 - 1979, Consultant General State Hospital of Kalamata.

- Editor of Radiology, Hospital Areteio.

- Director of the Department of CT, Cancer Hospital
Athens "Agios Savvas".

- Director of CT in Clinical 'St Panteleimonas "

- Director of CT in Clinical "Blue Cross"

- Director of Axis, Magnetic resonance imaging and bone densitometry of 'D.TH.K.A »HEALTH Inc., 1986-2011.

- Director of PET / CT of "D.TH.K.A» HEALTH Inc., 2004-2011.

- Coordinator Department of Imaging "D.TH.K.A» HEALTH Inc., 2010-2011.

- General Manager, Imaging Departments' HEALTH - MOTHER, "2011.
Memberships - Greek Society of Radiology.

- Greek Medical Society.

- College of Orthopaedic.

- Greek Gastroenterological Association.

- Greek Oncology Company.

- Society of Interventional Radiology Greek, Vascular Radiology and Neuroradiology, 1990

- Ultrasonic Greek Society, 1990

- Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology in Europe, 1993 (CIRCE).

- Greek Association Against Lung Cancer, 1994

- Radiological Society of American, 2004 (ARRS).

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