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Hospital Country 2000


Guadalajara, Mexico

Dr. Rafael Ortega Orozco

Dr. Rafael Ortega Orozco

Physician/Orthopedic Surgeon
at Hospital Country 2000
Speciality Orthopedic Surgery, Traumatology and Rehabilitation, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine
Languages English, Spanish
Graduated 2004 (14 years since graduation)
About Professional Experience:

- Medical Doctor of the Soccer team Cachorros from the University of Guadalajara, Professional 3rd Division - 2001
- Medical Doctor of the Soccer Team Bachilleres from the University of Guadalajara, Professional 2nd Division - 1993
- Medical Services Head Chief, University of Guadalajara, Professional Teams - 1994
- Medical Doctor of the Leon Sports Club, 1st Professional Division. During: 1995-1996 & 1996-1997
- Medical Director of Promotional Sports for Leones Negros Soccer, 1997
- Head Professor of the Physiology Exercise, Governmental Physical Education Superior School in the State of Jalisco. 1997
- Head of Professor of the Orthopedic and Traumatology University of Guadalajara, 1999-2002
- Head of Staff- Medical Doctor in the Service of Orthopedic in the Jardines of Guadalupe Hospital, 1996.
- Module Coordinator of Orthopedic in the Course Preparation of National Exams Specialties for the University of Guadalajara.
- Medical Director for the Guadalajara Sport’s Club, from 2002 until Present.
- Director of the Guadalajara Sport’s Club, From January 2011 until Present.


- IX National Congress of Orthopedic Surgery in the University of Costa Rica, September 2005.
- Participated as a Professor and a member of congress during the International AMECRA Conference, Puerto Vallarta, June 2006.
- Update Course in Arthroscopy / Knee Surgery , October 2006.
- 7th Regional Congress in Sports Medicine, College of Physicians in Veracruz, AC. May 2008.
- Participated in the XIII International Congress AMERCRA-SLARD in Cancun, QROO. June 2008.
- Participated as a Professor in the XI Course “Trauma 2008” September 2008.
- Participated in the 2nd Soccer Medicine Congress, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Oct. 2008.
- Participated as a Lecturer for the theme: “Sports Medicine” During de VI National Sports Encounter for the CECYTEs, Mexicali
Education Graduate from the College of Orthopedic Surgeons, Jalisco, A.C. Guadalajara, Jal. Dec. 2004

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