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Yodak Cardio Thoracic Hospital


Shanghai, China

Prof. Xiao Mingdi

Prof. Xiao Mingdi

Director of the Hospital/Chairman of Cardio Surgery Deparment
at Yodak Cardio Thoracic Hospital
Speciality Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
Languages English, Cantonese
About As a national famous cardiovascular surgery expert, professor Xiao Ming Di has engaged in the cardiovascular surgery for 40 years more, operated as the leader doctor about 8000 surgery cases (2000 cases in Shanghai), different cases related to valvular heart diseases, coronary heart disease, congenital heart diseases, aorta and transplant etc.; he had multi-term path-breaking harvest and made outstanding contribution in the fields of clinical, scientific research, and education etc. Professor Xiao Ming Di is one of the national founder in coronary artery surgery, he joined in “the Seventh Five Year Plan” for the main key project of “clinical research and promotion on coronary artery byway transplant”, and made great contribution to initiate, develop, and promote our national coronary artery surgery. Meanwhile, professor Xiao Ming Di contributed quite well on the surgery of valvular heart disease and congenital heart disease too. He directed “technique improvement on the operation of heard valve(s) replacement”, “two-way chamber lung artery anastomosis”, “clinical research on the surgery treatment of infant complicated congenital heart diseases”, “the clinical treatment achievements on coronary heart surgery”, etc. that earned ten more scientific and technique achievement prizes conferred by the Ministry of Health, Beijing City and Shanghai City. At the present, professor Xiao Ming Di still presides over or joins in “the treatment on critical coronary heart diseases (an emphasis issue of Shanghai Scientific Committee)”, “the research on standardization treatment of coronary artery surgery (a key project of the Tenth Five Year Plan)” etc.

For years, Professor Xiao Ming Di went abroad to investigate, joined twenty more international conventions, published papers two hundreds more and edited in chief or participation for books《The heart surgery guide》、《Congestive heart failure》、《Heart surgery technique atlas》、《Congenital heart disease surgery》、《Gu Kai Shi thora
Memberships The member of the International Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Committee Asia branch; the consultancy expert of the Ministry of Health P. R. China on technique appraisement; the evaluation, estimate and examine committee member of colleges and universities, scientific and research institutes on degree and postgraduate education; the standing committee member of thoracic-cardio surgery committee of China Medical Association; the chairperson of Shanghai thoracic-cardiovascular surgery committee; and the national committee member of China Medical Doctor Association.

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