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Dr. Horvath's Dental Clinic


Budapest, Hungary

Dr. Krisztina Kovács

Dr. Krisztina Kovács

General Dentist
at Dr. Horvath's Dental Clinic
Speciality Smile Design/General Dentistry
Languages English, Hungarian
Graduated 2005 (13 years since graduation)
Education 2005 Dental Degree, Medical University


- Veneer preparation, stratification techniques, Colour Theory (Vanini, 2006)
- Precision impression processes, thermoplastic custom trays (2007)
- Smile design (Smylist)
- Front Restaurations (Vanini 2008)
- The registration of the position of the jaw with the aid of Kavo digma Arcus II (2009)
- Competence in Esthetic Dental Excellence (Ivoclar, 2009)

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