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International Bio Care Hospital


Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Rodigo Rodriguez, MD

Dr. Rodigo Rodriguez, MD

Medical Director & Cofounder of IBC Hospital
at International Bio Care Hospital
Speciality Nutritional, Immune and Integrative Therapies
Languages English, Spanish
About Rodigo Rodriguez MD, a medical director and cofounder of International Bio Care Hospital and Medical Center, is an internationally acclaimed and widely respected physician with a successful academic career, and many research papers, symposia and conferences in his curriculum. He decided a quarter century ago to enter the field of nutritional, immune and integrative therapies. With post-graduate studies in the US, Canada and Germany, he has researched, implemented and pioneered modalities that are now becoming standard therapies. He is one of the most recognized experts in the integrative medicine wold and has devoted his time and experience to bringing together advanced and high-tech medical achievements.

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