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Sevenhills Hospital


Mumbai, India

Dr. Rummie Luther

Dr. Rummie Luther

Consultant Dental Surgeon
at Sevenhills Hospital
Speciality Dental Surgery
Languages English, Hindi
Education She completed her BDS from JL Goenka College in Maharashtra and then further trained in Maulana Azad Medical College New Delhi for 1 year.
Professional Experience Dr Rummie Walia Luther joins this Hospital as a Consultant Dental Dental Surgeon with over 16 years of Experience and training from Australia.

Dr. Rummie was selected to establish the Dental Unity of Northern Railway Divisional Hospital in Delhi, which she ran successfully till 2003. Thereafter, she was employed as a Senior Dental Lecturer and Dental Specialist with Mauras College of Dentistry in Mauritius.

She completed an advanced Fellowship and training in Dental Surgery from Melbourne Australia. Till 2010, she had been running a Dental unit in a Corporate Hospital in Udaipur.

Her Specialization Includes Root Canal treatment esp. SINGLE SITTING ROOT CANAL, Dental fillings of all types - Light cure, Silver fillings, GI fillings, Extractions, Impactions, Dentures - both Fixed and Removable types of Partial Dentures, Drainage of Dental

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