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Klinikum Stuttgart


Stuttgart, Germany

Dr. Steffen Creuz

Dr. Steffen Creuz

Klinikum Stuttgart
Speciality Special Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Languages English, German
Graduated 2000 (18 years since graduation)
Education 1993 Studies of Medicine at the University of Hamburg
1996 continued his studies at the Medical University of Lübeck
09/1996 First part of the medical examination
09/1998 Second part of the medical examination
12/1999 Third part of the medical examination
6/2000 PhD on "The heart in Viktor von Weizsäcker and Herbert Plügge - contribution to anthropological medicine"
07/2001 license to practice medicine
Professional Experience 01/2000 to 06/2001 Medical internship at the Medical Clinic of the Hospital Reinbek

07/2001 to 04/2002 Assistant doctor in the white stone clinic at St. Blaise - clinic for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy

09/2002 to 07/2004 Assistant doctor at a psychiatric acute admission psychiatric center in the station hardware in Embrach / Switzerland.
As of 02/2003, Deputy Assistant Medical

08/2004 to 06/2005 Medical Assistant at a receiving station in the acute psychiatric center Breitenau / Schaffhausen, additional psychiatric outpatient activity

07/2005 to 02/2008 Assistant doctor in the psychiatric service outside of Canton Aargau / Switzerland
- From 07/2005 to 05/2007 activity in a psychiatric outpatient clinic (clinic)
- From the 06/2007 to 02/2008 Konsiliartätigkeit Kantonsspital

08/2007 Swiss Board certification in psychiatry and psychotherapy

02/2008 German Board certification in psychiatry and psychotherapy

03/2008 to 12/2010 Senior Physician in the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine of the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart
- Management of the psychosomatic Liaison Service
- Student teaching as part of the block placements at the University of - - Tuebingen as well as supervising students in their second year
- Organizing and conducting seminars theory and conversation classes to acquire the "psychosomatic basic knowledge" of the medical colleagues of other departments
- Development of a psychosomatic consulting and liaison service in the Robert-Bosch-Hospital owned clinic Schiller in Gerlingen
- The establishment of a Friends of the Robert-Bosch-Hospital Cardiac psychosocial support interdisciplinary project on psychotherapeutic treatment of cardiac patients in collaboration with the Departments of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

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