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Centro Fecundar Costa Rica


San Jose, Costa Rica

Dr. Jaime Lasso Del Castillo, MD., PhD.

Dr. Jaime Lasso Del Castillo, MD., PhD.

Centro Fecundar Costa Rica
Speciality Gynecology-Obstetrics, Assisted Reproduction, Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery
Languages Spanish
About 1995-Now. Private Practice, Reproductive Medicine, Centro Medico Paitilla.
2006-Now. Specialist, Fecundar Group Panama.
Currently. Gynecology Professor, Panama Medical School.
Education 1978-1985. B.A. in Medicine, University of Panama.
1988-1991. Gynecology Specialty, Metropolitan Medical Complex, Panama.
1992-1994. Fellow in Reproductive Biology, University of Pennsylvania.
1994. Fellow, Rockefeller Foundation - Boston Beth Israel Hospital.

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