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Nova Vida Recovery Centre


Algarve, Portugal

Alex Flood, MA BSc

Alex Flood, MA BSc

Clinical Manager
at Nova Vida Recovery Centre
Speciality Addiction Treatments
Languages English
About Alex trained on the Priory Addictions Training Course and at the Priory Hospital Sturt and Farm Place, graduating with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Addictions Counselling. She is also certified in Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Family Therapy.

She worked at Farm Place as an addictions counsellor, as well as in private practice, before leaving to further her training in trauma and abuse issues in the USA. Alex has gained valuable experience in trauma resolution whilst working and studying in America. She has undertaken further training both in the USA and UK and is currently the only licensed Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) Practitioner in Europe, as well as a Certified Challenge Course Counsellor. Alex’s aim is to further her expertise in these important areas of addictions treatment as well as completing her Doctorate.

Her other professional interests and experience centre on Experiential Therapy, including the use of a challenge course and adventure games as an adjunct to addictions treatment. She is also Certified in Structured Interventions. Alex is also involved with her colleagues at Nova Vida and her extensive contacts in the USA to bring quality training and professional development to mainland Europe.

When not working towards enhancing the patient’s experience Alex travels extensively visiting addictions related centres of excellence in the USA and relaxing with her dog, D for, a valuable member of the Nova Vida team.

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