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Passy Clinic


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dr. David Passy

Dr. David Passy

Passy Clinic
Speciality Cosmetic Surgery
About Dr. David Passy works with a multidisciplinary team of professionals made-up of anaestheticians, dermatologists, assistants, nurses, instrument technicians, physiotherapists and aestheticians.

Medical Residence in General Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery at the Municipal Hospital Souza Aguiar and in the General Hospital of Bonsucesso (Rio de Janiero) between 1977 and 1981.

Winner of two scientific prizes for work in general and cosmetic surgery of the mammary.

Active participation in conferences of Cosmetic Surgery as lecturer of various scientific papers in cosmetic surgery.
Education Graduated at the Medical University of Petropolis in 1977.
Memberships Titular Member of the Ibero-Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgeons.

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