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Hospital Punta Pacifica


Panama City, Panama

Dr. Julio Cesar Sandoval

Dr. Julio Cesar Sandoval

Internal Medicine Specialist
at Hospital Punta Pacifica
Speciality Internal Medicine
Languages English, Spanish
Graduated 2001 (17 years since graduation)
About Work Experience:

2009-Present: Instructor. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (Course
ACLS). American Heart Association, Hospital Medica Sur Mexico.

2009-Present: Instructor. Advanced Trauma Life Support (Course
ATLS). American College of Surgeons. ABC Medical Center, Mexico.

2008-2010: Head Guard for 2 years Critical Care Medicine
row. ABC Medical Center. Mexico.

2007: Chief Resident of Internal Medicine. CHMDrAAM. Panama.

2005-2006: Secretary of Academic Affairs of the Federation
National Internal Medical Residents. Panama.

2000: General Coordinator "Scientific Research Seminar IV
Care. "Scientific Committee of the Student Association
Medicine in Panama. "
Education University:
1995-2001: University of Panama, School of Medicine. doctor
in Medicine

Specialist in Internal Medicine
2003-2006: "Metropolitan Hospital". Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid. Panama. Chief Resident.

Sub-Specialist in State Medicine of the Sick Critical
2007-2010: "A graduate with honors." Medical Center
American British Cowdray (ABC). Autonomous University of Mexico.

2010: Certification by the Mexican Board of Critical Care Medicine. February 2010. Mexico, DF

2009: Fellow Revolving Trauma and Liver Transplantation.
Presbyterian Hospital. Thomas Starzl Institute. Univerisity of
Pittsburgh Medical Center. Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 2009.
Specialties: Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine.
Areas of Interest: Nutrition, Sepsis, Trauma and Critical Care
Postoperative and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Graduate Courses
2005-2006: Graduate Health Economics and Management
Health Services. University of Pa
Memberships 2009: Mexican Association of Critical Care Medicine and Intensive Care. AMMCTI.
2008: Critical Care Medicine Society. SCCM.
2008: European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. ESICM.
2006: Panamanian Society of Internal Medicine
2005: Panamanian Association of Trauma
2004: American College of Physicians. ACP.

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