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Hospital Punta Pacifica


Panama City, Panama

Dr. Martha Martinez

Dr. Martha Martinez

at Hospital Punta Pacifica
Speciality Dermatology
Languages English, Spanish
Graduated 1998 (20 years since graduation)
About Professional Experience:

Currently works as a dermatologist at the clinic of Dr. Carmen Dermoestética Amada Finch, in the Punta Pacifica Hospital since 2004 and the Social Security Fund since 2006.

Resident of Dermatology, Hospital das Clinicas, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. February 2001 - January 2004.

Internal Medical Second year in the Hospital Manuel Amador Guerrero. Colon, Panama. January 2000 - January 2001.

Medical Intern First Year function at the Hospital Metropolitano Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid. Social Security Fund. Panama City. November 1998 - October 1999.

Published in journals:

1 - "Risk Factors associated with the development of asthma in children 2 to 9 years with low socioeconomic level." Panama, 1997.

Published in:
Journal of Children's Hospital. Vol 15. # 2, Panama 1997.
Medical-Scientific Journal. Vol 12. # 1, Panama. 1997.

2 - "Paraneoplastic pemphigus pelvic inflammatory Associated with fibrosarcoma: a case report." J Dermatology. 2005 Dec, 32 (12): 1014-20.
Education 1998 - Doctor of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine
University of Panama

Post Graduate:

- Residency in Dermatology at the Hospital das Clinicas, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (February 2001 - February 2004)

- Medical Aesthetics at the Institute for Research and Education Brasilero.2002
Memberships - Panamanian Association of Dermatology
- CILAD: Iberolatinoamericano College of Dermatology
- National Medical Association

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