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Hospital Punta Pacifica


Panama City, Panama

Dr. Alonso Alvarado

Dr. Alonso Alvarado

Bariatic Surgeon/Urologist
at Hospital Punta Pacifica
Speciality Bariatic Surgery, Laparoscopic, Urology
Languages English, Spanish
Graduated 1982 (36 years since graduation)
About Achievements:
May 1, 1985-to the present time
General Surgery Physician - Complejo Hospitalario Metropolitano

July 1995
Private Practice - Consultorios América

Chief, Department of General Surgery
Hospital Susana Jones, Caja del Seguro Social

March 1989-December 2006
Surgeon, General Surgery Service
Complejo Hospitalario Metropolitano
Caja Del Seguro Social

February 2007-July 2007
Advisor, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Ministry of Health, Republic of Panama


1991 - Basic Laparoscopy Course
Baptist Hospital, Miami
Prof. Moises Jacobs

1993 - Advanced Laparoscopy Course
St.Vincent’s Hospital
Indianapolis University.
Prof. Maurice Arregui

2000 - Adjustable Gastric Band Placement Course
Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Bariátrica Mexico, F.D.

2001 - Adjustable Gastric Band Placement Course
Fundación Santa Fé. Bogotá, Colombia
Prof. Natan Zundel

2002 - Bariatric Surgery by Advanced Laparoscopy Course
Mount Sinai Hospital, New York
Prof. Michel Gagner

2003 - Bariatric Surgery Tours
Hospital Sao Camilo, Sao Paulo Brasi
Prof. Ricardo Cohen

2003 - Tyco Bariatric Surgery, International Course
Curitiba, Brasil
Prof. Ricardo Cohen

2004 - Laparoscopic Surgery, International Course
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
Harvard University

2005 - Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
FELAC , Bogota, Colombia
Natan Zundel
Education 1982 - Doctor in Medicine
Universidad Federal do Espirito Santo, Brasil

October 1, 1982-September 30, 1983
First Year Internship
Complejo Hospitalario Metropolitano
Caja del Seguro Social

October 1, 1983-September 30, 1984
Second Year Internship
Health Center, Jaque, Darien

April 1, 1985 - March 31, 1989
Residency in General Surgery
Complejo Hospitalario Metropolitano
Caja del Seguro Social

Chief Resident, General Surgery
Memberships - Panamanian Association of Surgeons.
- Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS)
- Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Surgeons (SAGES)
- Latin American Association of Endoscopy Surgeons. (ALACE)
- Panamanian Society for the Treatment of Obesity (APTO)

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