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MD Marco More


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Marco More, MD

Dr. Marco More, MD

MD Marco More
Speciality Bariatric Surgery, Obesity Treatments
Languages Spanish
About Dr. Marco More, best plastic surgeon in Buenos Aires, Argentina for weight loss & obesity surgeries that include bariatric surgery, gastric bypass.
Education 1. Doctor, given by the facultad de Ciencias Medicas de la Universidad national de La Plata.

2. Doctor Specialist in General Surgery, given by the Ministerio de Salud y accion Social.

3. Doctor Specialist in General Surgery, given by the Association de Cirugia.
Memberships 1. Titular Member of the Association Argentina de Cirugia (MAAC).
2. Regular Member of the Sociedad Argentina de Cirugia de la obesidad (SACO).
3. Regular Member of the international Federation for the surgery of Obesity (IFSO).
4. Corresponding Member of the association Latinoamericana de cirugia Endoscopica (ALACE).
5. Active Member of the Capitulo Latinoamericano de la Federation International para la Cirugia de la Obesidad (IFSO-LA)

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