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Hadassah University Medical Center


Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Mara Shochina, MD

Dr. Mara Shochina, MD

Hadassah University Medical Center
Speciality Rehabilitation
Languages English, Hebrew
Graduated 1965 (53 years since graduation)
Education 1959-65 - M.D. Medical School in Soviet Union (Gorky)

1977-82 - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Residency Program Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital, Jerusalem.
Professional Experience Since 1993 - Member to the Curriculum Committee of the School of Occupational Therapy

1995-96 - Honor Research Fellow, Dept of Anatomy and Development Biology, University College, London

1999-02 - Fellow of the Committee for the Establishment and Oversight of the School of Physiotherapy in Ariel College, Israel.

1983-88 – Lecturer Hebrew University Medical School (Physical Med. & Rehab.)

1991 - Senior Lecturer Hebrew University Medical School (Physical Med. & Rehab.)

1993 - Grant of Ministry of Health “Heat acclimation: adrenergic response in aging”, with Prof. M. Horowitz

1995 - Grant of Anglo-Israel Hadassah Association

1979 - Active Lecture in Bedside teaching in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Course for Medical Students
Certifications 1974 - Israeli license to practice medicine No. 10821

1981 - Israeli Board Certification (Part I)

1982 - Israeli Board Certification (Part II)

1983 - Israeli Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialty license No. 007727

1983 - Physiatrist - National Board Certification.
Memberships March 2002 – Head of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Dept.

2002 - Member of The National Insurance Institute Delegate to Advisory Committee to Former for Establishment of the Rehabilitation Facilities

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