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Hadassah University Medical Center


Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Daniel Goldenberg, Ph.D

Dr. Daniel Goldenberg, Ph.D

Hadassah University Medical Center
Speciality Gene Therapy
Languages English, Hebrew
Graduated 1987 (31 years since graduation)
Education 1975 – 1980 M.S. Major: Applied Mathematics. Department of the Applied Mathematics, Moscow Technology Institute of Transport, Moscow, USSR. M.S. thesis: “The database management system on minicomputer for collections of microorganisms”.

1984 – 1987 Ph.D. Post-graduate course of the Institute for genetics and selection of industrial microorganisms (“VNIIGenetica”), Moscow, USSR. Ph.D. thesis: “The host genetic control of the lysis-lysogeny decision of lambdoid phages”.

1990 – 1994 Post-doctorate course of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

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