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Jerusalem, Israel

Prof. Eithan Galun

Prof. Eithan Galun

Hadassah University Medical Center
Speciality Liver cancer, Genetic and cellular treatment, Liver regeneration
Languages English, Hebrew
Graduated 1978 (41 years since graduation)
About Blum HE, Galun E, Liang T-J, Wands JR. Methods for preventing viral replication, field: march 1992, serial #: 07/846,328 ,U.S.A. Approved 1994 .

Galun E, Nahor O, Blum HE. Prevention of HBV infection by hIL-6 antagonists. Field: March 1997, serial #: 08/795,473, U.S.A. Approved July 1999. US Patent # 6,217,858.

Galun E, Peters M, Jonathan Axelrod, Rose-John S. IL-6/sIL-6 complex for treatment of liver failure, field: June 1998, serial #5,919,763 USA. Approved July 1999.

Galun E and Galun E. Development of oral vaccination to human viral pathogens through the production of viral particles in transgenic plants. IL01/00550. Submitted 2001.

Galun E, Zeira E, Ketzinel M, Mitchell L, Giladi H. Vaccination for hepatitis A virus. 09/596,060. Submitted 2001.

Axelrod JA, Galun E, Rose-John S, DenzU. An sIL-6R/IL-6 Fusion Protein Cooperates Synergistically with HGF to Stimulate Hepatocyte Proliferation In Vivo. 60/352,207.Submitted 2001.

Axelrod JA, Galun E, Rose-John S. Oncolytic viruses. Submitted 2001.

Zeira E, Manevitch A, Khatchatouriants A, Hemo I, Lewis A, Galun E. Controlled Laser Treatment for Non-Invasive Tissue. Priority date April 2002. March 2003 filing of PCT/IL03/00260.
Education 1972-78: M.D. Sackler Medical School, Tel Aviv Univ., Israel
Professional Experience 1979-83: Medical Officer

1983-88: Residency, Internal Medicine, Hadassah Univ. Hospital

1988-89: Chief Resident, Internal Medicine, Hadassah Univ. Hospital.

Professor of Medicine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Director, Goldyne Savad Institute of Gene Therapy
Memberships 1981-1983: Heller Institute of Physiology, TelHashomerHospital

1986-1987: Research Fellow, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot

1989-1991: Molecular Hepatology Laboratory and MGH Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown, MA 02129
Awards 1987: Outstanding Lecturer in Internal Medicine, the Hebrew University, School of Medicine, Jerusalem

1989: Rothchild Fellowship Award

1990: Henry Leon Weiler Fellowship Award

1992: Naftali Foundation Award

2000: Chair, Sam and Ellie Fishman Cathedra in Gene Therapy

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