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Haifa, Israel

Dr. Gil Barsela, MD

Dr. Gil Barsela, MD

Senior Physician in the Oncology Department
at Rambam Medical Center
Speciality Oncology Treatment
Languages English, Hebrew
About During 2006 he worked in research at the Radiation Oncology Branch of the National Cancer Institute - NCI, Bethesda, Maryland.
Dr. Bar-Sela is currently a Senior Physician in the Oncology Department and leads the supportive care services in the division.

His main research and clinical interests are the basic research of the epigenome and the clinical field of integrative medicine in oncology treatment.
Education Dr. Gil Bar-Sela is a graduate of the Ben Gurion University Faculty of Medicine in Beer Sheva. He obtained his oncology training at Rambam Medical Center. He also trained in complementary medicine in Dornach, Switzerland and Herdeke, Germany.

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