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Herzliya Medical Center


Herzliya, Israel

Dr. David R. Soriano

Dr. David R. Soriano

Herzliya Medical Center
Speciality Gynecology
Languages English, Hebrew
About Current roles in hospitals in Israel:
- Deputy Head of Department, Shiva
- Director, Center endometriosis, Sheba Medical Center
Education Graduated from School of Medicine, Ben-Gurion University
Professional Experience Clinical Experience:
- Senior Analyst

- Endoscopic surgery training Lfroskofim, Histroskofim advanced in France and Belgium, and training in endometriosis in Belgium

Academic Appointment:
- Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Academic Experience:
- Senior Lecturer
Memberships - Department of Gynecological Endoscopy
- Israel Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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