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Damian Medical Centre


Warsaw, Poland

Dr. Andrzej Raczyński

Dr. Andrzej Raczyński

Damian Medical Centre
Speciality Ob-Gyn
Languages Polish
About Experience:

- 1975-2000 researcher at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw. Adiunkt Kliniki Położnictwa i Ginekologii w Warszawie. Assistant Professor Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Warsaw.

- Medical Director of PHP-Juno-Medicine for Women

- The three-year-consultant work as a Senior Registrar at University Hospital St. Łukasza na Malcie Luke Malta

- Author and co-author of numerous scientific publications in national and international literature
Education Graduated with honors from the Medical University of Warsaw
Memberships - Member of the Polish Gynecological Society
- Founding member of the Warsaw Branch of Polish Society of Perinatal Medicine
- Founding member of the Malta Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
- A longtime member of the Medical Centre Damian-founder and consultant in the Department of Obstetrics CMD

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