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Warsaw, Poland

Dr. Anna Lewitt

Dr. Anna Lewitt

Dietitian, Nutrition Coach
at Damian Medical Centre
Speciality Dietetics
Languages Polish
About PhD student to: Faculty of Health Science Medical University of Warsaw. Ph.D. thesis topic is: "The effectiveness of weight reduction in women with a controlled diet and supervised exercise in distant observation."

The results allow for the development of an appropriate diet reduction vital in the prevention of such diseases as diabetes type II, atherosclerosis of blood vessels, or other diseases of civilization.

Research conducted by Anna Lewitt Center Personal Training and Nutrition EGO in Warsaw, which is the originator and owner, is pioneering and original.

Hypothesis test concludes that the disease of civilization, we can treat and prevent them using a proper diet and regular exercise.

We encourage you to participate in the research program, "Successful weight loss."

The program consisted of a diagnosis of body composition using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), medical care, individual balancing diet, five-day set of meals prepared by the kitchen center, and adequately sized ego Personal Training ®, as well as nutritional education aimed at changing dietary behavior

Anna Lewitt is a winner of the contest Enterprising Woman of the Year 2006, organized by AVON. With her professional advice as journalists enjoyed journals devoted to healthy eating.

The main activities of the Anna M. Lewitt are focused on treatment and prevention of the following diseases:
* Overweight and obesity
* Hypertension
* Heart disease
* Anorexia and bulimia
* Flag of malnutrition and underweight
* United chronic physical and mental fatigue
* United after diseases locomotion, injuries and operations
* United after plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine

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