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Damian Medical Centre


Warsaw, Poland

Dr. Maria-Wielochowska Glińska

Dr. Maria-Wielochowska Glińska

Damian Medical Centre
Speciality Dermatology
Languages Polish
About University teacher, researcher, Department of Dermatology Medical University of Warsaw. Autor 85 prac naukowych. The author of 85 scientific papers.

Old job: Assistant Professor Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Warsaw.

Treatments performed in the field of Aesthetic Medicine:

* Acne - scrubs (glycolic, mandelic, Yellow Peel)
* Discoloration of the skin - scrubs (Cosmelan and others)
* Removing wrinkles, modeling paragraphs - use of fillers,
* Removing wrinkles - with Botox injections,
* Facial rejuvenation - Mesotherapy,
* Laser skin regeneration,
* Laser Hair Removal.
Education Graduate School of Medicine Medical University of Warsaw.
Memberships Member of the Polish Society of Dermatology.

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