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Dr. Sergio Soberanes Plastic Surgery


Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Sergio Soberanes

Dr. Sergio Soberanes

Dr. Sergio Soberanes Plastic Surgery
Speciality Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
Languages Spanish
About Dr. Sergio Soberanes is a skilled surgical craftsman whose technical abilities are enhanced by his eye for beauty and artistry. His refined sense of beauty enables him to visualize the aesthetic changes that will allow his patients to achieve the appearance they desire, while his surgical knowledge and skill enable him to turn these visions into realities.
Education * 1984-1988: Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (School of Medicine)
* 1988-1989: Internship – Hospital General de Tijuana
* 1989-1990: Social Work – Public Health Center in Tijuana
* 1990-1995: General Hospital (SSDDFF)
* 1995: Board Certification: Mexican Board of Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
* 1995-1996: Fellowship in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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