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Medez Lasik Institute


Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Cervantes Bastida

at Medez Lasik Institute
Speciality Keratoconus and other Corneal Deforming Processes.
Languages English, Spanish
About Dr. Cervantes Bastida is in charge of the contact lenses department and Refraction at Mendez Lasik Institute.

She is an expert treating keratoconus and other corneal deforming processes.

Dr. Cervantes was assigned contact lenses specialist at Instituto de Oftalmologia Fundacion Conde de la Valenciana from 1992 until 1998, the same year she became part of our team.
Education She attended Escuela Superior de Medicine at Instituto Politecnico Nacional (National Polytechnic Institute) for her studies in Optometry and contact lenses; she specialized in design, maneuvering, finish and adaptation of contact lenses to correct different illnessess as well as recovery for low-vision patients.

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