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Dr. David Loh

Dr. David Loh

David Loh Surgery
Speciality Aesthetic Medicine Treatments
Languages English
About Dr David Loh is a general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetics medicine. He obtained his basic medical and surgical degree from the National University of Singapore and holds a Masters of Science from the University of Wales, UK. A certified laser practitioner, he has 18 years of working experience, 13 years of which were in aesthetics. David Loh Surgery in its present form was set up in 2002, concentrating only on aesthetic procedures that do not require much recovery time.

He is the current Honorary Treasurer of the Society of Aesthetics Medicine, Singapore (SAM) and Conference of Aesthetic Medicine (CAM). He is also a member of numerous aesthetics and anti-aging medicine societies. He regularly lectures on various topics in aesthetics medicine for an audience of doctors from the region, being a celebrated teacher on advanced BOTOX techniques. Dr David Loh regularly hosts visits and conducts workshops for doctors from all disciplines in the South-East Asia regi
Education MBBS Singapore
General Practitioner with a special interest in Aesthetic Medicine,
Secretary, Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Memberships Secretary, Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Treasurer, Conference of Aesthetic Medicine
Official Trainer for BOTOX and Juvederm

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