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National University Hospital

Assoc. Prof. Chandrashekhar Bhalchandra Khare

Assoc. Prof. Chandrashekhar Bhalchandra Khare

National University Hospital
Speciality Suicidalogy, bipolar disorder and consultation liaison psychiatry.
Languages English
Education MBBS (Nagpuri).
Professional Experience Senior Consultant & Director (Education).

Psychiatric training from the University of Bombay (1975).

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh India in 1979.

Lecturer in psychiatry.

Consultant Psychiatrist at the University Sains Malaysia from 1981 until 1988.

Teaching Fellow in psychiatry in the National University of Singapore until 1992.

Consultant Psychiatrist in Brunei from 1992 until 2002.
Certifications Diploma in Psychological Medicine (India).

Doctor of Medicine (India).

Member, National Academy of Medical Science (India).

Fellow, Royal Australasian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (Psych) (Aust).

Fellow, Academy of Medicine (S'pore)

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