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National University Hospital

Assist. Prof. Goh Poh Sun

Assist. Prof. Goh Poh Sun

National University Hospital
Speciality Diagnostic and interventional (surgical) radiology.
Languages English
Graduated 1985 (33 years since graduation)
About Specializes on interventional radiology.
Education Graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia with multiple honours including being the joint top student in both Medicine and Surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia in 1985.
Professional Experience Honorary Secretary of the Singapore Radiological Society.

Chair of the NUH Medical, and Hospital Patient Safety and Risk Management Committee.

Departmental Clinical Director, Undergraduate Teaching and Postgraduate Training Director, NUH.

Coordinator of the Medical IT Unit of the Faculty of Medicine, NUS.
Certifications Fellow, Academy of Medicine (Singapore).

Fellow, Royal College of Radiology.

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