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Heidelberg, Germany

Prof. Jürgen Debus

Prof. Jürgen Debus

Managing Director of the Department of Radiology
at Heidelberg University Hospital
Speciality Radiology
Languages English, German
Graduated 1993 (27 years since graduation)
Education 1984 - 1991 : Studies in Medicine and Physics, University of Heidelberg.

1989 : Diploma in Physics (M.Sc.).

1991 : Dr. rer. nat. in Physics (Ph.D.), University of Heidelberg.

1993 : Dr. med. (M.D.), University of Heidelberg.
Professional Experience 1988: Graduate Student, Department of Biophysics and Medical Radiation Physics, Research Program Radiological Diagnostics and Therapy,

1988 - 1991 : Research Assistant, ibid.

1991 - 1992 : Resident, Department of Oncological Diagnostics and Therapy, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg.

1992 - 1995 : Research Assistant, ibid.

1993 - 1995 : Group Co-ordinator: New methods of local regional tumortherapy.

1992 - 1995 : Residency in Radiation Oncology, University of Heidelberg.

1995 : Research Fellow „proton therapy“ at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA.

1996 - 1997: attending and staff member in Radiation oncology, University of Heidelberg.

1997 - 2003 : Double appointment as Head of the Department of Radiation Oncology, German Cancer Research Center and attending of the University hospital.

Since 1998 : Member of the Scientific coucil of the german cancer research center dkfz.

Since 1998 : Member of the Board „Radiation Oncology“.

2000-2003 : Leading attending of the Department of Radiation Oncology of the University Hospital of Heidelberg and Head of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the German Cancer Research center.

2001-2003: Chairman of the scientific council of the german cancer research center.

Since 10/2003: chairman department of radiation oncology, University Heidelberg.
Certifications 1996 : Board certified: Radiation Oncology.

1997 : Habilitation in Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Heidelberg, Associate Professor for Radiation-Oncology
Memberships - German Radiation Society
- German Cancer Society
- German Society for Radiation Oncology.

- European Society for Radiation Oncology (ESTRO).

- American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO).

- Member of the “Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss”.

- Member of the scientific council for Clinical and basic research of the German cancer aid (Krebshilfe).

- Member of the “Ausschuss Protonen: Strahlenschutzkommission“.

- Member of the „Research Comittee“ of the University Hospital Heidelberg.

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