Knee Replacement (Arthroplasty) Abroad

Details of leading international hospitals performing Knee Replacement to foreign patients.
Bumrungrad Hospital Contact Bumrungrad Hospital
Private Hospital, Thailand
JCI AccreditationJCI Accreditation   Thai HA AccreditationThai HA Accreditation
Bumrungrad International is an internationally accredited, multi-specialty hospital located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.
Knee Replacement (TKR)13,500 - 16,200 US$
55 listed orthopedics specialists:view all >
Dr. Thamrongrat Keokarn
Dr. Thamrongrat Keokarn
Orthopaedics, Hand
Dr. Atirek Chivabongs
Dr. Atirek Chivabongs
Geriatric Orthopaedics
Trauma Orthopaedics
Columbia Asia Hospitals Contact Columbia Asia Hospitals
Private Hospital, India
NABH AccreditationNABH Accreditation
A 200-bed facility located at Gateway Center in Northwest Bangalore. The hospital opened in 2008 and provides comprehensive tertiary-level services, such as cardiac operations, orthopedics and neuroscience, as well as secondary-level medical care.
Knee Replacement - Partial5,600 - 5,700 US$
Knee Replacement - Minimally Invasive4,900 US$
4 listed orthopedics specialists:view all >
Dr. K Srinivasan, MBBS, MS, DOTS
Dr. K Srinivasan, MBBS, MS, DOTS
Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Shankar R Kurpad, MBBS, DNB
Dr. Shankar R Kurpad, MBBS, DNB
Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
Yanhee Hospital Contact Yanhee Hospital
Private Hospital, Thailand
JCI AccreditationJCI Accreditation   Thai HA AccreditationThai HA Accreditation
Yanhee International Hospital is a modern international hospital with 400 beds capacity and equipped with facilities to serve inpatients and outpatients for medical, cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.
Knee Replacementupon request
Clínica do Dragão - Espregueira-Mendes Contact Clínica do Dragão - Espregueira-Mendes
Sports Centre – FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, Portugal
Clínica do Dragão - Espregueira-Mendes is a clinic that is specializes in the human musculoskeletal system. Located in Porto, Portugal, Clínica do Dragão - Espregueira-Mendes has a strong reputation in sports medicine.
Knee Replacementupon request
Listed orthopedics specialists:
Dr. João Espregueira-Mendes
Dr. João Espregueira-Mendes
Orthopaedics and Knee Surgery
Dr. Alberto Hernani Lemos Monteiro
Dr. Alberto Hernani Lemos Monteiro
Knee and Hip Surgery
Salutaris Medical Center Contact Salutaris Medical Center
Private Hospital, Mexico
A short-stay surgical clinic and outpatient facility specializing in cosmetic, general and orthopedic surgery. The clinic is accustomed to treating patients from the United States, Latin America and Europe.
Knee Replacementupon request
Cabo Orthopaedics Contact Cabo Orthopaedics
Private Clinic, Mexico
A specialized orthopedics clinic with four board certified physicians, affiliated with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). The Cabo clinic treats over 100 foreign patients annually, mainly from the USA and Canada.
Knee Replacement - Partial8,500 - 12,500 US$
Knee Replacement - Revision9,500 - 18,000 US$
Knee Replacement (TKR)9,500 - 13,500 US$
Knee Replacement - Minimally Invasive9,500 - 13,500 US$
Listed orthopedics specialist:
Dr. Gerardo Mangino
Dr. Gerardo Mangino
Orthopedics, Joint Replacement
Yunus Emre Hospital Contact Yunus Emre Hospital
Private Hospital, Turkey
A private hospital in the center of Istanbul with 45 physicians from 16 medical specialties. Yunus Emre Hospital's medical tourism department is fully equipped to handle foreign patients, providing all necessary services.
Knee prothesis, Total6,200 US$
Knee Replacementupon request
Clinica UNIBE Contact Clinica UNIBE
Private Medical Center, Costa Rica
Clinica UNIBE is a full-service private medical center, providing outpatient medical care, cosmetic, orthopedic, urologic, gynecologic, ophthalmic, maxillofacial and general surgery.
Knee Replacement - Total8,700 - 10,200 US$
Knee Replacement - Revisionupon request
3 listed orthopedics specialists:view all >
no photo
Dr. Vladimir Badilla Vargas
Orthopedics, Traumatology
Phuket International Hospital Contact Phuket International Hospital
Private Hospital, Thailand
Phuket International Aesthetic Center (PIAC) is a partnership bringing together some of Thailand’s leading Plastic Surgeons and Phuket International Hospital - one of Phuket’s largest private hospital’s.
Knee Replacement - Minimally Invasive10,700 - 12,300 US$
Knee Replacement - Revision15,400 US$
Knee Replacement (TKR)10,700 - 12,300 US$
Oasis of Hope Hospital Contact Oasis of Hope Hospital
Cancer Treatment Center, Mexico
A modern, high tech medical and surgical facility catering to cancer patients and doubles as a cancer research institution as well.
Knee Replacement - Partialupon request
Knee Replacement - Revisionupon request
Knee Replacement (TKR) - both knees20,000 - 24,000 US$
Knee Replacement (TKR) - one knee15,000 - 21,000 US$
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About Knee Replacement

This information is intended for general information only and should not be considered as medical advice on the part of Any decision on medical treatments, after-care or recovery should be done solely upon proper consultation and advice of a qualified physician.
What is a Knee Replacement?
Knee replacement, or knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint in order to relieve pain and disability. The knee joint is replaced with an artificial joint made of metal alloys, plastics and polymers.

What are the types of Knee replacement?
  • Total Knee Replacement (TKR):
    In a total knee replacement (total knee arthroplasty), the surgeon removes damaged cartilage and bone from the surface of your knee joint and replaces them with a man-made surface of metal and plastic.
  • Partial Knee Replacement (UKA):
    In a partial knee replacement (unicompartmental knee arthroplasty), the surgeon only replaces one part of your knee joint.
    Advantages of partial knee replacement include smaller incision, shorter hospital stay, less blood loss, easier post-op rehabilitation, lower risk of infection, blood clots and stiffness, and easier revision if necessary.
  • Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery:
    Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) uses specialized techniques and instrumentation to enable the surgeon to perform major surgery without a large incision.
    Minimally invasive knee replacement requires a smaller incision, three to five inches, versus the standard approach which typically requires an eight to twelve inches incision.
    Minimally invasive surgery may lead to less pain, decreased recovery time and better motion due to less scar tissue formation.
  • Revision Knee Replacement Surgery:
    Revision knee replacement surgery is done to replace the replacement knee, once it has been worn out.
    The revision is usually more complicated and a longer procedure than the original surgery.
    There is no set limit to the number of times you can have revision surgery, but it is widely accepted that the artificial knee joint becomes less effective each time it is replaced.

How long would the artificial knee last?
The artificial knee usually lasts between 15-20 years, depending on the type of joint used and how much you strain your new knee.

Duration of procedure/surgery:
A knee replacement operation usually takes 1.5 to 3 hours.

Days admitted:
Usually 3 - 5 days at the hospital.

General anaesthesia.

Serious complications are rare - fewer than 2% of people undergoing knee replacement surgery experience serious complications.

Risks include:
- Knee stiffness
- Blood clots in the leg vein (thrombophlebitis)
- Blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolism)
- Nerve damage
- Infection
- Heart attack
- Stroke